Natural Factors

Why Panama
Caribbean beaches, a tropical climate and a relaxed, affordable lifestyle are all factors that attract foreign investors, holidaymakers and retirees to Panama. As Panama’s fastest growing industry, tourism is of utmost importance and with top-class golf courses and resorts going up, Panama offers a modern tourism infrastructure, ideal to supply the ever-growing international demand for high quality holiday and residential accommodation.

Panama also has enormous potential as an eco-tourism destination due to a large expanse of diverse countryside, a unique geographical location as a land bridge between two continents and low density tourism.

The country offers one of the most complex ecosystems in the world and the authorities are wasting no time in recognizing this fact. Rainforests, mountain retreats, beaches and island, as well as seven thriving indigenous Indian cultures create great opportunities for eco-tourism. Projects are underway to complement the environment, one such example being the “recycling” of a former radar installation within Soberania National Park. This has now been transformed into an eco-lodge of worldwide repute, specializing in birding.

Efforts are being made to protect its natural environment while 30% of land is set aside for conservation, 25% of which is designated as national parks, i.e. approximately 5 million acres. Boasting a total of 29 national parks, forest reserves and wildlife refuges, Panama has five parks within two hours’ drive of the City, and one actually within the metropolitan area itself.
The weather in Panama is tropical and temperatures will vary slightly according to location and altitude. Normally it is quite hot and humid, abated by sea breezes and/or air conditioning in most places.

During Panama’s high tourist season running from mid-December to mid-April, the climate is dry. Rainfall for the rest of the year could fall daily at an average of one inch a day, while the variance in average temperature remains small, with temperatures reaching approx. 29°C in the dry season and approximately 26°C in the wet season.